Summer Camp, Southampton

In 2013, British Olympic skier Spenser Pession took over the running of the former Martin Bell Summer Camp.
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The Bell Brothers Summer Camp was started by Martin and Graham Bell at Harrogate in 1988. In the mid-90s, it was moved to Hillingdon and then re-located a few years later to Wycombe Summit. Between 1998 and 2002, a northern camp was also held - at Rossendale.

In 1998, Graham Bell retired from the camps. Between 1997 and 2000, Martin ran the camps in conjunction with Malcolm Erskine and the British Ski Academy.

After the Wycombe fire in 2006, the camp was moved to Southampton, in 2007.
In 2013, Spenser Pession took over from Martin Bell as head coach and administrator of the camp.

Some camp alumni:
Chemmy Alcott, Jayme Baggio, Max Baggio, TJ Baldwin, Yasmin Cooper, Ed Drake, Jack Evans, Sam Fairbairn, Gerard Flahive, Niall Flahive, Emily Goddard, Georgia Hallett, Georgie Hunt, Charlotte Jesse, James Knock, Kelly Morris, Olivia Parker, Ollie Robinson, Nick Robinson, Rachelle Rogers, Jo Ryding, Dave Ryding, Craig Ruddick, Joshua Serdet, Harriet Steggles, Jasmin Taylor, Ed “Slavemonkey” Thelwell, Dan Wyatt

Former coaches:
Sally Bartlett, Phil Brookes, Jenny Calvert, Tom Cloke, James Drake, Tim Fawke, Andy Freshwater, Ross Green, Roger Hughes, Maxim Kaye, Lubo Kostov, Lesley McKenna, Spenser Pession, Gabi Quijano, Debbie Pratt, Dino Radice, Kelly Sage, Willie Taunton-Burnett, Henry Taylor, Peter Todorov, Roger Walker, Viki Williams, Mike Wroe