Reece Bell, junior ski racer

Reece has been ski-racing since 2009, competing with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, having previously competed with Big Sky Ski Education Foundation
Reece also races for the British Ski Academy
DOB: 27/8/01
Atomic Skis
Slick Willy's Banana Wax
Angel Coil & Bartlett

Favourite colour: "purple"
Favourite music: "Fall Out Boy", "Bruno Mars"
Favourite ski-racing discipline: "slalom"
Favourite subject: "science"
Favourite animal: "cats, penguins, and giraffes"
Other hobbies: "soccer, reading, photography, writing"

Offiical Reece Bell website

Race Results

1st, FIS SL, Lutsen Mountain, Minnesota
3rd U19, FIS SL, Winter Park
3rd U19, FIS GS, Sugarbush
British U18 SL Champion, Tignes
British U18 GS Champion, Tignes
1st FIS ENL1, Tiffindell, South Africa
1st FIS ENL2, Tiffindell, South Africa
1st FIS CIT1, Tiffindell, South Africa
1st FIS CIT2, Tiffindell, South Africa
1st FIS1, Tiffindell, South Africa
1st National Championship, Tiffindell, South Africa
1st, FIS SL, Falls Creek, Australia
2nd, Australia & New Zealand Cup SL, Mt Hotham, Australia

1st Sync Colorado Cup SL, Winter Park
1st Sync Colorado Cup GS, Eldora
2nd Sync Colorado Cup SL, Loveland
2nd Rocky/Central U16 Championships SL, Beaver Creek
3rd Garner Games GS, Breckenridge
1st US U16 Nationals SL, Sugarloaf

2nd, Golden Rose SL B, 29/5/16
3rd USSA Sync Colorado Cup GS, Loveland Valley
4th USSA Sync Colorado Cup GS, Copper Mountain
4th U16, GS Spectacular, Vail
4th U16, Garner Games SL, Winter Park
5th U16, Loveland Derby SL
3rd GS standings, 2016 Sync Colorado Cup

1st, Red Lodge SL1
1st, Red Lodge SL2
1st U14, Big Sky SG1
1st U14, Big Sky SG2
1st, Great Divide SL1
1st, Great Divide SL2
1st, Bridger Bowl GS
1st, Bridger Bowl Kombi
1st, Whitefish SG
1st, Whitefish SL
1st, Big Sky Tri-Divisional GS
6th, La Scara FIS International U14 SL, Val d'Isere
1st U14, Golden Rose Classic, Race A, Mt Hood, Oregon
1st U14, Golden Rose Classic, Race B, Mt Hood, Oregon
1st U14, Golden Rose Classic, Race D, Mt Hood, Oregon

1st, Red Lodge SL
2nd U14, Big Sky SG1
3rd U14, Big Sky SG2
1st, Great Divide SL1
1st, Great Divide SL2
2nd, Big Sky GS
1st, Big Sky Kombi
2nd, Bridger Bowl GS
1st, Bridger Bowl SL
2nd, Bridger Bowl Kombi
2nd U14, Golden Rose Race A
2nd U14, Golden Rose Race B
1st U14, Golden Rose Race D

1st U12, Bridger Bowl GS
1st U12, Whitefish GS1
3rd overall, Whitefish GS2
1st U12, Red Lodge SL1
1st U12, Red Lodge SL2
1st U12, Missoula SL1
3rd overall, Missoula SL2
2nd U12, Discovery GS1
1st U12, Discovery GS2
1st overall, Discovery GS3
1st U12, Big Sky SL
1st U12, Big Sky Kombi
1st U12, GS, British Children's Championships, Meribel

1st J5, Bridger Bowl SL
1st J5, Big Sky GS1
1st J5, Big Sky GS2
1st J5, Bridger SG/GS Kombi 1
1st J5, Bridger SG/GS Kombi 2
1st J5, Bridger SG/GS Kombi 3
1st J5, Great Divide SL
2nd overall, Great Divide SL/GS Kombi 2
1st, Snowbird YSL GS
1st J5, Discovery GS
1st J5, Whitefish GS

Whitefish SL1
Whitefish SL2
Showdown SG
Discovery GS
Bridger Bowl GS
Bridger Bowl SL
Bridger Bowl Kombi


FIS slaloms, Tiffindell, South Africa, July 2018
GS training, New Zealand, August 2017
SL training, Vail, 28th Jan 2018
Loveland FISU GS, 9th Feb 2018
Steamboat FISU SL/GS, 23/25 Feb 2018
Lutsen FIS SL, 1/2 Feb 2018
Winter Park FIS SL/GS, 17/18 Feb 2018
SL training, 5th Apr 2018

SL training 6/8/16
GS training 29/7/16
SL training 17/10/16
Winter Park SL 2/1/17
Eldora GS 17/2/17
Loveland SL 19/2/17
Rocky/Central Champs 15-17/3/17
U16 Nationals, April 2017

SL training 5/7/16
GS training 22/6/16
Golden Rose SL 29/5/16
SL training 19/5/16
Winter Park SL 26/3/16
GS training 15/1/16
Loveland GS 16/2/16
Winter Park SL 26/3/16
Loveland SL 14/2/16
Loveland SL 9/4/16
Loveland SL training 18/5/16

GS training 12/7/14
SL training 12/8/14
SL training 18/8/14
GS training 20/8/14
GS training 28/8/14
GS training 29/8/14
SL training 31/8/14
SL training 16/10/14
SL training 21/01/15
GS training 30/01/15
Big Sky SG 7/2/15
Big Sky SL 24/1/15
Great Divide SL2 14/2/15
Great Divide SL1 14/2/15
Whitefish SG 6/3/15
Whitefish GS1 7/3/15
Whitefish GS2 7/3/15
Whitefish SL2 8/3/15
La Scara SL Val d'Isere 10/4/15
SL training 29/5/15
Golden Rose SL Mt Hood 31/5/15
GS training 8th July 2015
SL training 15th July 2015
SL training 16th July 2015

SL training 28/8/13
GS training 31/8/13
SL training 8/11/13
SL training 9/11/13
SL training 20/12/13
SL training 29/12/13
GS training 30/12/13
Red Lodge SL 25/1/14
Red Lodge SL 26/1/14
Big Sky SG 9/2/14
SL training 12/2/14
Park City SL 22/3/14
Park City GS 23/3/14
SL training 22/5/14
Golden Rose SL 24/5/14

GS training 31/8/12
SL training 17/11/12
Freeskiing 5/12/12
SL training Xmas 2012
Bridger GS 13/1/13
Whitefish GS 26/1/13
Whitefish GS 27/1/13
Red Lodge SL 2/2/13
Red Lodge SL 3/2/13
SL training, 6th Feb 2013
SL training, 13th Feb 2013
Discovery GS, 2nd March
Discovery GS, 3rd March
Big Sky SL 16/3/13
Big Sky Kombi 17/3/13
Zermatt, April 2013
Zermatt powder, April 2013
Snowbird, May 2013

GS training 11/1/12
GS training 13/1/12
GS training 14/1/12
SL training 15/1/12
Big Sky Fun Race 28/1/12
GS training 29/2/12
short turns
moguls, Crystal Mountain

Whitefish SL1
Whitefish SL2
Showdown SG
Discovery GS
Bridger Bowl SL
A-Z Chutes powder
Snowbird powder

Whitefish GS
Showdown SG
GS training
Red Lodge SL
Red Lodge GS
GS training 2
Snowbird powder
Snowbird powder 2

Big Sky Kombi
Big Sky GS
Big Sky SL

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