Summer skiing at Mt Hood, June/July 2015

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After a very mild and dry 2015 winter in Oregon, the snow levels on Mt Hood were very low this summer.
In a typical year, it is possible to train on the lower chair (Magic Mile) as well as the upper chair (Palmer), often until late June. This year, the Magic Mile was snowless by May, and summer race training was only available on the upper section of the Palmer chair.
By July, there was no snow left on the loading ramps for the Palmer chairlift (bottom and mid stations) - we had to remove our skis and walk to the lifts.
Nevertheless, there was still some good slalom and GS training possible. Sometimes the snow froze hard overnight - when it didn't, we put down salt to harden the snow.
As usual, we were working with Cascade Winter Sports Club, together with their coaches Marcus Caston and Lyndsay Strange. We were also working alongside Mark "Speedy" Archer of Speedy's Ski Camps.
All in all, five good weeks of training.

SL training 15th June 2015
GS training 8th July 2015
SL training 15th July 2015
SL training 16th July 2015