Another excellent August camp at Mt Hood

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Once again, August proved to be an excellent time for an extended (3 week) camp at Mt Hood.
Mid-August was still relatively busy, with a lot of clubs from Canada training on the glacier.
But the final two weeks were quieter, with very short or non-existent lift lines.
As we got nearer to the end of August, the weather cooled down; there were several mornings when the snow froze hard enough overnight that we did not need to use salt (to harden the race courses).
In the final week, we were able to watch the US Women's Europa Cup Team going through their GS paces, while we rode up the Palmer chairlift.
As usual, we were working with Cascade Winter Sports Club.
A big thanks to CWSC and to their summer coaches, Marcus Caston and Lyndsay Strange.
Also a big thank you to the Law family for leasing out their house to CWSC for the summer!

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