Training at America's newest ski-racing facility

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Front Range Ski Club (formerly Echo Mountain) is now a specialist training and competition facility for ski-racing. It lies only 45 minutes from Denver, at an altitude of 10,000 feet (3000m).
Reece and I were lucky enough to spend two evenings and two days training there, together with Cascade Winter Sports Club.
The surface was hard man-made snow, the terrain is medium-steep, and the run is long enough for a full-length slalom or a 20-gate GS.
We were lucky enough to work alongside the club's new coaches, Sarah Schleper-Gaxiola (ex US Ski Team and World Cup winner) and Petter Brenna (ex Norwegian Ski Team).
Alongside the training runs, which are served by a triple chairlift, is a comfortable lodge and a cafe. The atmosphere is relaxed, almost like a "country club for ski-racers"; race moms sip coffee and little siblings play with toys in the warm indoor lounge area.
The new owner, Nora Pykonnen, plans to expand the ski area to 1500 feet of vertical; this venue will undoubtedly do much to promote the sport of ski-racing amongst the Denver area's two and a half million population.