July camp at Mt Hood

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Last week, Reece and I travelled to Mt Hood, the only year-round ski area in the USA, and the main summer training centre for skiing and snowboarding.
Mt Hood is a (still active) volcano in the Cascade Range; its peak is at 11,249 feet (3429m), but the lift served ski area only rises to an altitude of 8,470 feet (2580m). When we were there, it was possible to ski back to the car park (and Timberline Lodge) which lies at 6,000 feet (1829m) but this is only possible in June and early July. After that, it is only possible to ski on the top chairlift ("Palmer Express") and it is necessary to download on the lower chairlift ("Magic Mile") at the end of the day.
Once again, we trained with Can-Am Camps, led by head coach Paul Tollefson, and working alongside athletes from
Cascade Winter Sports Club.
Along with myself, the CWSC coaching team included some former US Ski Team members - and outstanding skiers: Rose Caston, Marcus Caston, and Keely Kelleher.

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